Our Services

Cooking Support

Pricing: $30-$35/hour
(With flat rate meal plans and sliding scale available – ingredient costs separate)

Do you need healthy food faster? Do you need allergen-free meals or support in facing a health challenge? Perhaps you are trying to make sense of must-follow dietary guidelines and need a plan to help you get going in the right direction? Whether occasional, temporary or regular cooking help is needed, support is available in the form of ready-to- eat food brought right to your home, in-home cooking help, or ingredient shopping, cleaning, and prep (mise en place) that sets everything up for you to be the chef.

Cooking Lessons

Pricing: $30-$35/person/hour
Group discounts available – ingredient costs separate

Want to learn the basics or just need a refresher? Trying to eat healthier? Dietary guideline overview, and cooking lessons help you become fully independent as a home cook to get healthful meal options on the table faster. Organize your kitchen for maximum efficiency, shop for groceries with clear lists and be in command of your own healthy meals and snacks as you forge a path to wellness.

Specialized Private Event Catering – Celebrations of Life

Joia Foods will cater your most intimate and cherished celebrations, with an empathic approach. Family-style gatherings call friends and family to celebrate life, love, joy and change. Joia Foods is your resource for delicious handmade food, thoughtfully prepared for your unique celebration. Any and all dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Special celebrations include:
  • Family Reunions, Retirements, Showers – Gatherings for the joyful celebration of family and friends.
  • Celebration of Life – Moving past grief – Celebrations of fondest memories, love shared and joyful acceptance of a loved one’s passing. (Bereavement experts are available by special arrangement.)
  • Milestones in health and wellness – Celebrate beating the odds, success after surgery, treatment or therapy and fresh perspectives on life.
  • Other celebrations unique to you.

Just Therapeutics – On-Site Chair Massage and Healthy Bite

Bridal and baby showers, family reunions, retirement parties, ladies’ night get-togethers and other private party events.

Licensed On-Site Massage Services combined with optional healthy bite menu choices turn your private event into a celebration of wellness. Chair massage is the leading perk offered by employers, and wellness coordinators to establish relaxation and balance in the workplace. Treat your friends, family and guests to the richness of these feel-good on-site services at your private celebration.
What our clients have to say:

"Lynn Tonelli prepared exquisite meals - she is a superb cook, trained formally in culinary arts and with considerable real world experience. She was also able to accommodate various dietary restrictions such as Gluten-Free with absolutely no one ever noticing." - George P. of Bridgewater

All major credit cards accepted.